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5 years ago
Nebraska, USA

Is there any chance the moderator could please update the rules for the runs? I assume time starts when you hit the area to start from, but having it defined would be good to avoid confusion.

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yeah, it would really be helpfull to have set rules for the runs

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I guess for now, do what the wr video does in terms of start and end time.

Do you guys have an opinion on what the rules should be? Also, are you planning on submitting runs? :)

Yeah, I'm open to discussion. I figured real time was the easiest standard to follow, but in game time offers a few advantages as well, offering in game splits and such, but worried about pausing and such.


im running other game right now but i do intend on comming back to this game. Also what is considered ''100%'' if timebones run is Any%?

There is no 100% AFAIK, I just figured any% was the standard for describing beating the game with no extra conditions.

Rules have been added. They can still a bit flexible if you want to discuss!

Considering getting rid of the new pause rule and sorting by igt, considering the save + quit exploit that allows players to skip some travel after grabbing a boss gem.

Any thoughts?


Would make sense. Worst case you cou just make a « no exploit » categorie or something

If we were to divide categories we could go all the way, one category that allows anything normally allowed in speedruns, and another for a hardcore pure IGT-based run. The routes would be different enough to justify a new category. Or they could be classed as two different subcategories of any%.

Subcategory 1. True NG+ RTA rules Any% or something. Time sorted RTA. Pause allowed, quitting to the menu is allowed, assist mode allowed, force closing or crash banned. Please use auto splitter and show livesplit. Start at whichever boss you like. We would need to adjust the auto splitter to let it start at 0 when you start at a boss. Good for beginners.

Subcategory 2. Purist nopause IGT rules Any% or something. Time sorted IGT. Pause banned, quit banned, assist mode banned. No RTA timer necessary.


We could keep it all in the same category, record both IGT and RTA, sort by RTA, and add a variable to each run that says "was game paused, y/n". We would amend the rules to say that extended pauses are not allowed, but you can use pauses and savequits.

Among other options, of course.

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Hmm, personally I like the idea of splitting categories, the only weird thing to me is assist mode because that feels like it's own separate thing, but it doesn't really matter because I doubt there's any real time to be saved with assist mode on. Only thing assist mode would help with is ammo (because the save + quit exploit on squid does skip an ammo box.) I really wanna get feedback though so I don't feel like I'm changing the goalposts or whatever

Nebraska, USA

Submitted a run last night!

Are we not using the tab for the rules discussed in this thread yet? I noticed that my run was relocated to a different category.

I also approve of having a “pure” category and an exploits-allowed category.

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I approved your run and moved it.

If/when we make the switch, it would be placed in the IGT Rules subcategory. It won't be a problem to move it at that point.

I'm working on the autosplitter (the first release version is available under Ressources). Flootah and timebones are both working on routing an any% RTA Rules run that utilizes quitting to the menu. Once both of these are done, we'll be able to see just how different the categories are, and split the board then.

If you'd like to chat about it, please continue to use this thread or hit me up on any of my linked social medias, especially Discord.

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Here's a bit of an update.

I have been in touch with Ruari O'Sullivan, the dev for this game. He was great and listened to a few of the concerns we mentioned above. He said that he has made an update for the game so that the Switch version will

  1. not pause the timer when the game is paused, and
  2. not re-split every time you aggro the same boss (like after dying and trying the same boss again).

He said the PC version updates would be coming eventually.

For now the game is pretty dormant so we will hold position here with the current set of rules, and once the PC update comes through we can re-evaluate. Hopefully we will be able to use IGT and the autosplitter will work just fine once we make the adjustments after the update.

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Update is being pushed to PC. I'll check later today what has changed. With coop we might need to reorganize some of the categories anyway but that remains to be seen.

WOOHOO everything is awesome now!

  1. The timer does not pause when you pause the game.
  2. The split does not reoccur when you complete the same objective twice (i.e. starting a boss fight split, dying, starting the fight again).
Nebraska, USA

Coop looks awesome!


too bad its only local multiplayer

There might be a way to tunnel online with third-party software. I haven't done that in years though, not sure if it's any good yet.

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