Help with Autosplitter
1 year ago
Wisconsin, USA

Hey everyone, I'm sort of new to speedrunning as a whole and this game caught my interest so I thought I'd give it a go. However, I'm having troubles with the autosplitter. I followed the directions given and nothing that I could find seemed to be wrong, it just doesn't work. I have a theory that it may have something to do with the fact I'm playing on the Xbox Gamepass version of the game, can anyone confirm or deny this?

Since the game is ranked based on in-game time and I could just do manual splits, it's not too big of a deal but if there is any fix then I'd be very grateful. Happy Running!

United States

Hello and welcome! I don't know how the autosplitter works frankly, but Timebones might be able to help. I can help if you've got questions about the any% route or the game itself though; feel free to send those to the 'Resources for new runners?' thread.

When I started running the game (on Steam) ~10 months ago, I couldn't ever get the autosplitter file to work. It's over 3 years old now so it must be outdated. Maybe if you use an older version of Livesplit it would work, (at the cost of new features and such,) but there's a chance one of Overwhelm's patches has broken it.

You're right about the autosplitter being unnecessary, splits being inaccurate by milliseconds or even up to a full second isn't too big a deal. If you can consistently split manually (splitting when you see/hear some arbitrary indicator works great for me,) you'll get a pretty good picture of your pace. And of course you can always refer to the game's timer when in doubt.

Good luck, and happy running!

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