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This is an important announcement for people that submit VC runs to our leaderboard:

We have known for a while that the amount of time it takes your Wii to reset can vary across different Wiis. After about a month of research we have found that the Wiis with fast resets are caused by homebrew apps installing unofficial versions of an IOS to the slot that OoT uses to start the game.

What this means is, from this point on, runs done on VC MUST have an official IOS version installed. If your wii resets faster than 13 seconds, it will not be verified.

All existing runs with the faster reset will remain on the leaderboard, as we just didn't have the knowledge to understand that Wiis with faster resets were caused by unofficial software.

I recommend that EVERYONE who runs on VC install this IOS version, even if you have a slow reset. This IOS 9 version is the fastest of the 6 official ones, so it would be best if there was a standardized version.
The process to fix your IOS 9 doesn't take much time at all. Here is a video showing how to do it (I timestamped to the tutorial part):

Here is a document written by Jbop and myself that goes into a huge amount of detail about the research the community has done. If you have the time I would recommend reading all of it:

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