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Recently, a new miscellaneous category called No IM/WW (new) was added. I checked the rules/descriptions and there doesn't seem to be a difference. Can anyone tell me what's happening with this? Thanks


There was recently a vote on the ambiguity of the rule in the main No IM/WW that states that no blue warp cs skips would be allowed. The conclusion of the vote was that the main category needed renaming as having arbitrary bans in the name isn't good going forward and does not represent what the category is about.

However as the vote for allowing blue warp cs skips in the category was very close (47% yes to 53% no iirc) the mods decided to create a new category which would be a "true" No IM/WW which only bans those glitches and only those going forward too if something new gets found. The old category meanwhile which is soon being renamed will probably ban anything new that alters the route we want to maintain.
It's more confusing now because we haven't decided on a new name for the main No IM/WW so give it a week and there will be no duplicate names anymore.

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The main category is now named GSR (Ganondorf Source Requirement).


Goal: Defeat Ganon after completing the following objectives:
- Defeat Ganondorf
- Get light arrows
- Collect shadow and spirit medallions
- Get magic
- Get Zelda's Lullaby
- Get the Quiver 30

Rules and restrictions:
- No wrong warping
- No item manipulation (RBA/BA/GIM)
- No cutscene skips from blue warps
- Source requirement is enforced for all acquired items. This means all items, equipment, songs, etc. collected in the run must come from one of their natural sources in the game.

No IM/WW (which retains the old rules):