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I just bought an everdrive64 to speedrun OoT, but i discovered that WiiVC is faster, and i dont have a Wii, only a WiiU. So my question is: How much faster is WiiVC than N64? And another question i have: is possible to run OoT in a Wii U in the Wii menu? If it is possible the run will be WiiVC or Wii U VC?
Thank you all!

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JP WiiVC on dolphin 5.0 and no to that wii-u bullshit


Dolphin is not allowed for leaderboard submissions, the only emulator that is currently allowed is Project 64 1.6/1.7 (see game rules).

Wii VC is fastest for most categories, but N64 is still fast in a few categories (where v1.0 specific glitches come in handy). Overal Wii VC is your best option, and is faster by a few minutes in most categories. Wii U VC is actually faster than Wii VC, but has a lot of input lag. Therefore people hardly use it.

It is technically possible to run Wii VC on the Wii U (Virtual Wii), and I think we would count that as Wii VC on the leaderboards. If you have more questions be sure to join the Discord, people are usually very fast at answering questions there!

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Isn't the wii store supposed to close? How do I get the game in vc?


Have to use Homebrew if you don't already have it.

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Homebrew, and it already closed. WiiUVC is still ok though, but it has horrendous input lag.


Just play on n64 my dude!

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@adriKKadriKK only sad thing is everdrive is banned

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