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As the title suggests, a few runners have been tracking this time during their any% glitchless OOT including Dannyb21892 and Smaugy and i was wondering if it would be possible to have this category put in under the miscellaneous tab on this site, i and a few other people run it for fun and it would be nice to not have to submit those runs against glitched runs.

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Support; as a misc category. If NMS is a category then this should be.

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We need to get this post visible to the moderators so they will add it.

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I think its a good idea. Child Dungeons uses a lot of glitches (as does almost every category for OOT) so it would be pretty cool to add on a glitchless variation to child dungeons, an already cool yet obscure category.

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I would actually like to see this and would get a few more casual runners into the game. Because the glitches in the game can be hard and off putting for some. Having a glitchless version would be a nice addition.