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jeez, i didn’t think i could literally beat a WR by 02:34
here are the splits:
Escape: 5:33
Bugs: 12:28
Letter: 25:04
Mask 1 (sold): 31:51
Skull Mask: 34:37
dunna dun dun (end): 35:04
I’ll explain my route in the thread.


To achieve my route, I played the Japanese version on WiiVc.
First, I only got the Kokiri Sword, since the Deku Shield is not required.
I made my way to the Lost Woods and performed the Navi Dive, which would save at least 2 minutes, to get the shield and Ocarina. I made my way through Zora’s River and to Kakariko Village. I got the Bottle and Bugs. I then went to Hyrule Castle and got the Letter. I made my way back to Kakariko and showed it to the guard, went back the Happy Mask Shop, got the Keaton Mask, delivered it, got the Skull Mask, went to the Temple of Time graveyard, put on the Skull Mask and performed Ocarina Items by backflipping, and midair, tapping Bugs and then the Sword button, and then finally playing A, A, C-Up, C-Right, and then stopped my timer.


Can you bring this to the category extension, thank you

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@PainPitaPainPita what do you mean by "bring"?


the whole sans% discussion


Was curious about the catergory and gave it a try. Got 27:31 time. Played on VC.

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@CreedethCreedeth I'm going to experiment for some time-saves. Let's make this joke category ridiculous.

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@CreedethCreedeth Okay I might have found a (minor) timesave (saves around a minute or two). Starting from leaving Link's house, you backflip, backwalk for a bit, sidehop left twice, and then cross the 3 blocks to the Shop. (get 5 Rupees) Enter the shop, and get the other 5 Rupees. Buy a Deku Stick, exit the Kokiri Shop, and equip it on any C slot. Do the WESS Escape using a Deku Stick instead of a sword. All that for a minor time-save. Guess this is what speedrunning is.

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