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I'm new to OOT speedrunning and i was wondering what is the best category to start with if your new?


i don't know the best category,but of course is a "no srm"



Firstly join our discord for some more help: we dont usually use these forums too often.

So usually we recommend GSR, Glitchless or Defeat Ganon (no SRM). GSR is around 1 hour 30 and teaches some good fundamentals for most future categories and balances movement with tricks etc. Very easy to get started with, tutorials etc, and all the "hard" tricks can be substituted with easier backups.

Glitchless is a much longer category but is fairly straightforward to get started with, it teaches really good movement going forward but it turns a lot of people off due to its length of close to 4 hours.

Defeat Ganon (no SRM), or old any%, is around a 25 min category with beginner routes available to run. This doesn't really give much in the way of transferable skills but its good if you just want a half hour run you can probably start doing full runs of in days.

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Ok thanks i'll make sure to join the discord