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I recently started to practice OoT and I noticed weird reset behavior. Whenever I reset via the reset button on the Wii it hard resets. It puts me back to the health instructions on the main system menu. I've asked on Reddit and they told me to instead of making the wad region free (via wwPacker) I should try making the Wii region free (via Priiloader). The reset issue was fixed though I was dropping frames and they were inconsistent (it felt like PAL but worse).
Has anyone ever experienced such thing and knows how to fix it.
Things I've tried:
-redownloading multiple times (both with the method vanilla game and region free Wii as well as region free game).
-just tapping the reset button
Thanks in advance!


For a PAL Wii, you need to get AnyRegionChanger and set the video mode to NTSC to get the correct frame rate. If you have more questions I'd recommend joining the OoT discord, it's way more active there:)

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Thanks a lot. Changing the video mode to NTSC worked.

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