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I am a beginner (not to speedrunning, just to OOT), I've beaten the game, looking for a category that isn't incredibly glitch heavy. I've heard GSR isn't too bad.


The glitchless categories definitely are the less glitch heavy by definition, but those are pretty long categories. GSR is doable without some high level movement optimisations such as superslides. The tricks that are 100% needed don't take that long to get down when you figure out how to look for specific frames you need through pause buffering for stuff like door of time skip, hookshot jump or shadow boss key skip.
Fortunately, the oot speedrunning community is very much alive and there are great resources for every single glitch in the game, like simple setups to get the same results every time.
I highly recommend joining the oot speedrun discord channel where you will find a ton of links to youtube video tutorials as well as a bunch of passionate people who will love to go through some harder parts of runs with you.
Hope you find the resources you need and I wish you the best of luck in your progression!


Thanks man, I'll think about glitchless any%, but I'm gonna check out some stuff on the discord at some point. GSR without superslides seems fun, and there's always some time to save when I end up learning superslides.

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Yea definitely join our discord. The US release is identical to the JP release in terms of glitches. The only thing you may not be able to do is the newer SRM stuff because you may need JP characters for things.

GSR, MST and glitchless are the categories currently unaffected by all the SRM stuff rn so I highly advise starting with one of those. Because you have a 1.0 cart GSR is a great place to start.
Don't feel intimidated by stuff like superslides. There is a great video tutorial on GSR to walk everything through and you'll get discord support almost 24/7 lol.

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HESS isn't that bad when you figure out ESS position and how to get to it quickly. After that, all you need is to get to lon lon ranch with a couple bombs and a few hours!