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I really wanna practice some glitches on my N64 and i wonder if those glitches work in the NA version of the game

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All glitches work on the English version of the game.

You'll need to take a look at the version of your cart though, you can tell by a number on the back followed by either nothing (1.0), A (1.1) or B (1.2). Those are the only differences in how some glitches work.

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Yeah pretty much all glitches work in both eng and jp, and all versions of each. theres only a select few in which are version specific. for speedrunning, version specific glitches for 1.0 and 1.1 are banned for emu and vc anyway


not just "pretty much", literally all glitches are the same between jp and u. its the exact same copy of the game but one byte difference to change the language

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