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Here's a really easy way to get out of the forest that might help:


If we're on the subject of logic for a glitchless randomizer a la ALttP, I think we would need to be able to determine what items (at a minimum) are required for each dungeon. Here's what I can think of off the top of my head, assuming that the Door of Time is removed in some fashion. If there is something that I'm forgetting, put it here.

Stuff that most likely should not be randomized, except possbily with each other
-Heart Pieces and Containers
-Gold Skulltula Tokens
-Child Trading Sequence Items (except for Goron, Zora, Gerudo, and Truth Masks)
-Adult Trading Sequence Items (except for Biggoron Sword)
-The Master Sword

Child Forest, Requires one of the following combinations
-Sword, Shield, Fire Source, Slingshot (For Deku Tree)
-Bomb Bag/Bombchus (Goron City exit)
-Silver Scale/Golden Scale (Zora's River exit)

Beating Dodongo's Cavern requires the Bomb Bag or Goron's Bracelet (King Dodongo), Slingshot, a Fire Source, and possibly the Sword. There's also the possibility that this dungeon could be beaten as an adult, but I'm not sure if this is true or not.

Beating Jabu-Jabu requires the Ocarina w/Zelda's Lullaby or the Scale (to get into Zora's Domain), the Letter bottle (at a minimum), the Boomerang, and the Sword. I believe Slingshot would only be required if you didn't already have Boomerang.

Beating Forest I believe only requires Sword, Hookshot, and Bow.

Beating Fire I believe requires Sword, Bombs, Megaton Hammer, Hookshot. Goron's Tunic would also be useful, but I believe there are enough safe areas that it is not absolutely required.

Beating Ice requires a weapon and a bottle.

Beating Water I believe requires Sword (at a minimum for Dark Link), Longshot, Iron Boots, and Bow. Similar to Fire, Zora's Tunic would be useful, but I do not believe it is required.

Beating Well requires Sword, Ocarina with both Song of Storms and Zelda's Lullaby, and a Fire Source.

Beating Shadow requires completion of both Fire and Water (so you can get the Nocturne of Shadow), Ocarina w/Zelda's Lullaby, Hover Boots, Sword, and a Fire Source. While bow would be useful (for fighting Bongo-Bongo and for destroying the wooden spike wall in the Big Key room), it is not required; though you would have it at this point due to having beaten Water. Lens of Truth, I believe is, also not required but useful.

Beating Spirit requires the Ocarina w/Spirit's Requiem, Lens of Truth (for the Phantom Guide), Sword, Longshot, Mirror Shield, Megaton Hammer, Boomerang, Bombchu, and a Fire Source for both Adult and Child Link.

Beating Ganon's Tower requires Master Sword, Bow w/Fire and Light Arrows, Hookshot/Longshot, Golden Gauntlets, a bottle, and Bombchu. I believe that useful, but not required, items are the Lens of Truth and the Goron Tunic.


hi guys,
do you need to learn any glitches or sequence breaks to beat this rando or can casual players do it as well?


This seems to be dropped since day 1, and I was really interested in this... MMR looks fun, and ALTTPR is perfectly done, so I keep waiting for an OoTR, and if the Death Mountain doesn't come to one...

What tools are needed to do this? I kinda understand address an values mechanics in this game and know a bit of programming if it is needed.

If anyone knows, thanks.


"@JdkzGlitchmaster Generally in randomizers for any game, yes glitches are required to complete the game. You could potentially get really lucky with the items you receive and complete the game without using glitches but generally you must use glitches to progress at particular points. its kinda the point of playing a randomizer. OOT randomizers are no exception"

"Saying that you generally need glitches to progress in randmomizers (or that the point of playing a randomizer is to use glitches) is not entirely accurate or correct. Plenty of randomizers have logic that prevent you from needing glitches to progress. ALTTP has such logic (and they also have one that does require major glitches for those who know them) and I've even beaten many Beta Quest seeds without glitches.

While glitches can help, plenty of randomizers are designed with logic options to ensure that glitches/major glitches aren't required. Obviously I don't know what kind of logic existed (or is planned to exist) in this randomizer, but if the right logic is put in place, glitches won't always be needed."

Glitches are def not the point of a randomizer lololol.... any point of them other than the one random that u utitlize oob on alttp I guess, but Idek anyone who runs all dung category atm even, glitched runs are dead (Rn anyways)

Anyways, judging by the previous conversation I would say glitches are needed, but its not really clear. The creator of the rom would have to come back to the thread/project obviously.


Well after a few failed attempts at getting through this randomizer I will definitely try to help anyone who wants to attempt to improve on this in any way possible.


Anyone else notice this? A filename of 'Fox' sets the get item table back to normal values. This may be the only way i'll get a play-through of this hack to end XD


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