As you guys know, there is a new route for OOT, but this catches a lot of people's attention and they want to learn it. but there is no guide for it Kappa


The route is extremely new and still in experimental stages. If you need help with the trick or the route I suggest joining the discord for more specific advice.

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It's also technically another Ganonless. I wonder how the leaderboard will be managed with it.


yeah, if they end up finding a faster route for any%, they can stick this route for ganonless


We should make torje's 16:58 and all the other runs in a seperate category other than the ACE

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i actually think making it "Any%" and "Any% no ACE" or something like that categories would be good
ace might make any% into even more of a joke

but in the end i dont care i dont run this anymore and if someone doesnt want to do ace then they are not gonna do ace


We think it might be dumb to call a category "no ACE" if ACE ends being banned in every categories (but Any%). I personnaly wish to see something like "Defeat Ganon" in a world where ACE is banned except for Any% and some memes categories.

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SRM-Less or No credits warp
Just so you know the new route is a credits warp

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ACE, Any%

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Honestly i think we should just ban ace outright. I personally think that it would take the fun out of the game. using these glitches would ruin gannonless and all dungeons. SRM would ruin No wrong warp, all dungeons and any%. Allowing these tricks would not make oot a fun or competitive speedgame. im going to start running this game soon and i just dont want to go into all dungeons at this time ( being a N64 1.0 player) when were going from getting all items form their respective dungeons to getting it out of a pot . Even though stale reference manipulation and arbitrary code execution are cool just to mess around with, i think it would negetivly effect oot


says the one with the ACE Wrong Warp Prof Pic

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The community discussion for deciding rulings on SRM and ACE and it's upcoming community vote is going on right now over on the OoT Discord. If you'd like to contribute and have your voice heard then I would recommend heading over there instead of voicing the opinions here. It's also the best place to learn the route yourself as Mutant mentioned earlier.

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Do you think someone will manage to get to sub 5?
Someone got sub 9 today

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It's been beaten AGAIN

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Kinda weird why he didn't submit yet....


The run uses a currently up for debate method to achieve this, so at the moment it's unofficial.


And she just shaved another 8 seconds off it, pretty impressive!

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The runner is a she?
We don't usually see WR Woman runners so that's pretty cool