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Hi I wanted to start learning how to speedrun this game and have been trying to get the japanese 1.2 Wad to work on my Wii.

I have been trying to follow this guide on zeldaspeedruns.

I have Priiloader installed but the multi-mod manager is unable to access it. Also is there a good website that has Wads? The wad I have isn't working with Multi-mod manager, it just keeps saying that it did not complete when I try to install it.

I'm using Multi-Mod Manager v13.4, Priiloader v0.8.1, and got the wad I'm trying to use from here.

It mentions something about getting the wads to 100% but the program from the website doesn't work on a mac. So are there any wads out there that are already 100%?


Here's a pastebin with everything you need:


Thanks, it's working now.


I installed the jp ver and works but it has a ton of lag, i tried with 2 o 3 wads but none worked. My Wii is PAL, any help?


I think you’ll need to change the region of your Wii to NTSC for the wad to run correctly. I’m not 100% sure though since I’m not too familiar with PAL Wiis.

As a side note, you’re better off creating a new thread in the future instead of necroing a 2+ year old one.