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Just noticed that the any% leaderboard has 2 runs by skater (his first place one and a 18:50 one not accredited to his account). Thought I'd mention it in case no one else has seen it.


if you look closely enough, or just spend 2 seconds of your life to click on it, you will see that the 18:50 time is actually not his real account, probably the guy that submitted it back then, forgot to delete it 😛


Well yeah, i get what it is. Im just drawing attention to it in case a mod hasnt seen it yet.


people have noticed it, the old 18:50 run is outdated. it should probs be removed from the list, idk why it hasnt.


No need for the snarky comment, Kryptek. We all know it's not connected to his account. Apasher should have removed that time once skater made a account, or Piticarus should have seen it when submitting the new run.


Normally if someone makes an account with the same name, it should automatically import that run to its account, though it didnt this time. I transfered the run to his current one. Skater didnt make an account until a few months ago.