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Ok now that I have time to write stuff, here are some fixes.

- Removed cache entries for code, which caused n64 crashes
- Fixed randomization for certain broken items (deku stick, deku nut, small keys, dungeon items, heart pieces)
- There's a table somewhere around 0x35200000 i think of 01's and 00's, these correspond to which itms in the get item table are randomized
- Uses in game randomization function to generate randomization


I had a crash after retrieving the stone of agony for the second time and entering the pause screen. Not sure if the stone of agony was the cause but it was the last item i had received before the crash,


I assume you're on emulator. Possibly something to do with ovl_kaleido_scope.


Sick dude. Gonna check it out.


Can you please update this with the pause lag fix? OoT is basically unplayable on emu without it.