Best controller set up to play emulator
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Best controller set up to play emulator

Hi, Just wondering what the best set up to play OOT on emulator with a controller is? I'm leaning more towards an original gamecube controller combined with a mayflash USD adapter than an N64 controller. I'm a total noob and so just wondered if there were any advantages between the two in terms of being able to perform the most amount of tricks and exploits etc. I'm not bothered about posting competitive times, really what I want to do is get up to the level of being able to play Randomizer Co Ops which look mega fun. Cheers

So after a lot of searching, I've come to the conclusion that buying an official controller plus the adapter is too expensive relative to how much I will probably actually end up playing the game. Does anyone have any advice about Hori Battle Pads? I normally stay away from third party landfill but this has good reviews and it costs half the price and has a USB cable to no need for the adapter.

Thoughts? Perhaps it will make it hard to ESS as the control stick looks 'clickier'..?

hi i've spent all day trying but still can't get my pc to recognise my mayflash gamecube adapter inputs for PJ64. I'm using Windows 10 and my PC makes the bing noise to indicate it's recognised something it's plugged in but when I try to configure the controls in PJ64 nothing happens. I've tried:

  • disabling the driver enforcement method in this video:
  • installing a bunch of different drivers
  • installing different plugin controller inputs (e.g. NRage DInput8 V2.2.dll into the program files)
  • getting it to work with vJoy and WiiU - USB GC Adapter (apparently this is only for WiiU
  • i'm just playing a ROM on my laptop)
  • plugging it into every different USB port on my pc
  • switching the mayflash from PC to Wii U and back I've watched every Youtube video on the subject and followed every step to the letter. should i use a different plugin? should i use a different version of pj64? mine is should i use a different adapter? should i just download Dolphin and try and play on that instead? thanks for any help

Hello !

I don't really have any advice to give you (since I'm not an OOT speedrunner or particularly good with that) but to try and go ask this question in the OOT Discord if you don't get any answers here, because there are much more people than here and it's generally better suited to ask questions and get answers

I wish you good luck !

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