Why does WiiUVC suck?
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Why does no one speedrun OoT on the WiiU? I want to know because I have a WiiU and a capture card and I want to try and speedrun a Zelda game. And if the WiiU Oot is bad, then what is a good game to run?

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The controls are terrible, yes, but there is a more important reason. There are massive amounts of input delay, I believe up to like 4 frames. When you're performing frame perfect tricks, it's hard to play 4 frames behind.

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WiiVC is a much better version to speedrun OoT on.

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Thank you! But didn't WiiVC go away in 2019? And since WiiU OoT is bad, do you have any recommended Zelda games to try?

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You can get any WiiVC game for free using the wad manager. The wad is available in the OoT discord. You also need the homebrew channel and the wad manager. They're both easy to get.

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Thanks for the help!

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