When you started speedrunning?
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When you started speedrunning?

Hi! Im a little speedruner who wants to know more about the speedrunning comunity :))

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United States

Started out with sm64 0/1 star runs about a year ago, but realized I liked the Zelda 64 games better last summer

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United States

Started with Twilight Princess any% in 2014, and have mainly run that game since. I've also done several other Zelda games, including OoT for a brief bit, and a few non-Zelda games here and there

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Started this summer when I routed my own no wrong warp route, then decided to take on other categories after reaching my goal of sub hour :3

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Texas, USA

Started back in 2016 running Child Dungeons Glitchless on OOT, now im running Glitchless All Main Quests today!

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