any way to get japanese ocarina of time on a american wii?
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any way to get japanese ocarina of time on a american wii?
United States

ive been running defeat ganon% for around a month now, on the english version of the game. I want to find a way to play japanese version without using an emulator. Can anyone help me?

Florida, USA

you have to find a wad, i believe there is a link to a pastebin with all roms and wads in the oot speedrunning discord

Florida, USA

you want the Toki No Ocarina WAD btw

Florida, USA

this guy is from the US so he is already NTSC lmao

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Massachusetts, USA

But Amiral is French, so he thinks in PAL.

Minnesota, USA

Is your Wii NTSC? If so then just download the rims and wad folder from the OoT #recpurces channel, we have a video in there on how to homebrew and install games onto your homebrewed Wii. You'll also need to region free your Wii

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