WiiVC where can i buy OOT Jap Version
4 years ago

Hello guys, i will speedrun this game on wii but the problem is i can´t buy it on the Wii Store. The Store is closed, where can i buy this game for VC? I don´t find anythink in the internet. Have you an idee!

London, England

you need to download the wad

Franche-Comté, France

Salut moi sur Wii u e-shop ça fonctionne, je ne sais pas trop sur Wii. Si non tu peux le trouver gratuitement sur émulateur (project64) tu va sur romstation et tu le télécharger et créer un compte, c'est gratuit et légal. Et ensuite tu peux trouver tous les émulateurs et toutes les roms gratuitement. Par contre si tu télécharge une rom par exemple oot qui tourne sur n64 il te faut l'emulateur de n64 et la version master quest avec un émulateur Wii-gamecube car il ne tournera pas sur n64. J'espère avoir pu t'aider un minimum.

Franche-Comté, France

Hi me on Wii u e-shop it works, I do not know too much about Wii. If you can find it free on emulator (project64) you go on romstation and you download it and create an account, it's free and legal. And then you can find all the emulators and all the roms for free. On the other hand if you download a rom for example oot that turns on n64 you need the emulator of n64 and the master version quest with a Wii-gamecube emulator because it will not run on n64. I hope I could help you a minimum.

United Kingdom

You need a softmodded wii to play foreign games anyway but now it's a must because the store is also down. There is a video in resources on how to do all this and get set up on wii.

Also join the discord as it's much more active than here :D

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Ok thanks you all for helping :)

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