Quantum Cap Trick Execution
Quantum Cap Trick Execution
Updated 3 years ago by QuantumKris

This is by far the most difficult trick in the game and is used at the very end of the game. Execution of this trick saves over 40 seconds of time as you entirely skip having to bring down the elevator.

The Quantum cap is quite difficult to get the timing for, but practice on the trick can make it consistent.

Here's a step by step process for doing the trick:

  • Start walking towards the edge of the platform
  • As the back of Abe's feet are off the platform, immediately drop your cap
  • Right after you drop your cap, hold right
  • As Abe's head reaches the bottom of the platform (when just before the little white light flair), crouch while continuing to move right (don't spam crouch or Abe won't move correctly)
  • When you land on the platform, crouch again and continue right

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