I'm out
3 years ago
Wisconsin, USA

This board is a joke. 7 mods? Shit categories?


No clue how you got to make this board when you had no clue what the categories would be and have pretty much said fuck Tetris.

This is a damn circus

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Flevoland, Netherlands

Sad to see you leave and not giving us the time we take for it- If you are impatient and waiting for new categories, we definitly understand you are annoyed that it takes this long, however, we are not forced to intervene as fast as we can. Currently we are busy retiming all runs since timing changed. We are also talking about ideas what we are going to do. Good luck in the future.

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South Holland, Netherlands

First of all, i would love some respect for the creator of the leaderboard and his dissions, if you dont like the dissions you dont have to call it "a joke" or "a damn circus".

Second of all, the creator got to make this board by submitting the game to the src mods, if you would like to know. And i think he did a great job making this leaderboard.

Nevertheless, i wish you the most of luck in your speedrunning carrier.

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Utah, USA

@AriesFireTiger I am sad to see you go. Personally, I think this is a cool game. And I think us mods did a good job. But it's ok what you think. Everyone has their own opinions.

Like @Gietie said, good luck in the future with your career.

United States

The joke is in the fact that none of the mods will even address the comments in the forum. While I understand that this isn't a paid job, since questions were raised, 4 people were modded and a new category was created without a single reply. Just because you created the board doesn't make you the end-all voice of a community. You are supposed to listen to everyone and take everybody's opinion into account. The fact that nobody is responding to the concerns voiced in the forum speaks volumes.

I'm deleting mine as well. When the mods can either get it together or mod a respectable member of the community that will at least reply to questions, instead of ignoring them, perhaps I'll reconsider.

Good luck with your board. I hope to see improvement later on.

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Andalusia, Spain

Aries you have to understand that none of us are experienced in moderating, even so, this game hasn't been on SRC for one week yet either so were still getting the hang of moderating the game and the timing. If you think we can do better, instead of insulting us and calling us clowns, it'll be better if you gave us constructive criticism.

Thank you.

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United States

We did give constructive criticism. And you ignored it. 7 mods. And not one reason why no separate category was created. Not one reason why a mod made the Tetris run 5-lines and quickly threw a run up just so they could claim a WR. Not one reply to at least 4 people who asked about it. I suggest you DO find an experienced mod to help out. I moderate over 30 boards and have for over 3 years including one of the most popular speedruns on this site, and I offered to help, yet I was passed over without even so much as a no thank you. Completely ignored. I am no longer interested.

With all due respect, you all have a lot to learn.

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Wisconsin, USA

Respect is earned, not handed out for free.

Another, well-respected member of the NES speedrunning community tried to get this board made before and it was rejected...despite that person having much more experience and clear ideas for the categories.

Then we see this mess...

Then y'all ignored JSR_'s offer to help...JSR is another well-respected NES speedrunner that has plenty of experience, but ya ignored him


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Utah, USA

@JSR_ and @AriesFireTiger like @LeonD011 said, we are new to moderating, and we are trying to get the hang of it. And we are trying to learn and improve.

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  1. The creator of a leaderboard is not a king. They are community representative. A moderator is beholden to that community, speaking as some one who moderates lots of boards. If folks want a category that's sensible, I add it.
  2. There already was someone who submitted this to SRC. At the time their application was rejected because NWC was considered trivial. It's frankly a slap in the face by the content moderation team on SRC that a run WITHOUT Tetris was accepted for submission. That's not anyone here's fault though, that's on SRC staff.
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United States

I would like to speak on behalf of the mod team in saying that we are deeply, deeply sorry. We want to see the situation improve, but it is clear that that cannot happen unless we own up to our past mistakes and apologize, because while we may be new, that only explains our failures, not excuses them. We should have been much more active in listening to the community and working alongside them, and ignoring input was our own failure alone. It was never our intent to make the situation worse, but ultimately that it was our actions did.

I would understand if anybody who is leaving doesn’t wish to associate with this community anymore, but if you do, then we would be glad to see you come back. We resolve to do everything we can do listen to members of the community and fix the issues they have with it going forward. It is entirely our mistake that this is a problem in the first place, but we can do our best to salvage the situation.

Again, we are deeply, deeply sorry. We made mistakes, many of them, and want to see them rectified going forward, and want any and all advice you can give.

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Utah, USA

I definetly agree with ya, @runaway4444 as a mod myself. We made mistakes.

United States

Okay, to back up words with action:

We have three main priorities right now. The first is finding a better place for Tetris in the leaderboards. We were wrong to ignore it especially after people asked for it. We are looking into how runs with Tetris, either on its own or as part of a larger run, can fit onto this leaderboard. For this, we are taking inspiration from the Tetris leaderboards themselves, and we hope to incorporate JSR's input into it. Again, we are so sorry for having ignored it in the first place. It is our mistake and ours alone.

The second is about timing. There has been some confusion about when to begin and end timers, and very soon we intend on finalizing a timing method for each and every category. It is again our mistake that this hasn't been figured out sooner, but we hope to make up for past mistakes. This is approaching completion, and once we have a rules set for each category we hope to confer with members of the community as to their opinions on it.

The third is just generally what more categories we can add, and here we especially want community input. If Aries can clarify his issues with the categories, that would be great help, and anyone else of course.

Again, we cannot apologize enough, but we want to make up for our failings and create a good leaderboard for this game.

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He/Him, They/Them
3 years ago

@AriesFireTiger instead of shit-talking a game that has been on speedrun.com for less than a week and that no one ever forced you to run, that you voluntarily played at your own will, why don't you suggest some improvements? For example any categories we should add so categories aren't "shit" anymore?

Yes we made mistakes, and we could be more organised, but you can't expect everything perfectly organised from day 1. It's not that straightforward to moderate a game on SRC. Going from a game with no runs to the 4th most active NES speedgame was too fast of a change for us.

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Utah, USA

I agree with you @x3non.

United States

It's really not that hard. Give the people what they want. If you aren't sure what they want, ask.

The mods' silence the last few days spoke volumes. That's why were upset.

Thank you @runaway4444 for at least making a diplomatic effort.

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Ok you all rushed with some dumb categories, it's fine you can all talk through it. It was still odd to see JSR's concern not being answered as to why Tetris was made to just 5 lines. Is it because you don't like playing the game?

This is one of few NES games where High Score being a main category actually makes sense since the game has no real ending and the goal of the actual competition was about score. 25, 50 lines Tetris as an arbitrary and challenging category can also work.

I don't get the random lame categories just because you don't want to play the whole game for free (I call these fake) WRs, just move on instead. If you're going to have SMB1 + RR as a dumb category why not RR + Tetris? You can skip SMB1 at the start too.

It should be [High Score], [Any%] (Which is all 3 games with 25 or 50 lines for Tetris), and the rest of the single/dual games as Misc., or their own category extension board where they can reside.

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Arizona, USA

I should mention that the score you get in Super Mario Bros determines your pattern in Tetris so skipping Super Mario Bros would give you the same Tetris pattern every single time so that's something that should be considered.

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United States

Okay, after discussions with other mods, we have come to various conclusions:

The categories on main will be: High Score, any% (25 lines), SMB1, and SMB1+RR. Super Mario Bros will go on main because it is most unlike just playing the actual game compared to RR and Tetris, while SMB1+RR can get grandfathered into the main list because it is the second most popular category currently and we don't want to put that into miscellaneous. I know that's a point of contention though, and we aren't opposed to just putting them into miscellaneous.

We have discussed adding a deathless Mario to the miscellaneous, but that's not finalized. We are also likely to have the final timing methods by tomorrow at the latest. We will inform everyone what they are when that happens, likely on a new thread.

We would very much appreciate your feedback on this, and I will be here for the next five or so hours at minimum to respond. If you would like to critique these plans or have ideas for other categories, please do share.

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@Rayquaza911 As far as I know, the only reason Tetris was set to 5 lines was because we failed to take into account what the community wanted and weren’t fully sure what to do with Tetris. It’s certainly one of the problems we are going to be fixing going ahead, as is part of the current plan.

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