SMB-only WR is not "easily beatable" due to framerules
2 years ago
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The SMB-only WR says "Bad underground and easily beatable" in the comment. Can we remove that? It's false because of frame rules on deaths. It seems POSSIBLE to catch an earlier frame rule there, but it requires a nigh perfect pipe - the kind I've only gotten once in a thousand tries.

Catching an earlier frame rule on the second life also seems like it might technically be possible (it's "only" 4 frames) but would require basically perfect play.

I don't want somebody reading that and seeing "free WR" when it's actually a very good time given the limitations of framerules.

I've got more analysis of this on the Discord, could paste it here if anyone wants.

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If what you’re saying is true, then I suppose it would be a good idea to try to prevent that sort of accidental misinformation about how the game works and the quality of a run. I hesitate to outright delete something a runner said about their run, so perhaps putting a disclaimer alongside it would be worthwhile. I’ll leave the topic open for more opinions but I will likely do that if the discussion points to it.

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I totally understand that reluctance.

I'm still doing more runs and more analysis. I did catch an early framerule on life 1 (the "god pipe" as I'm calling it) again yesterday (once in 150 tries) so I can say it's beatable, but not easily.

I'm also exploring another route that I thought would save one framerule over WR comparatively easily, but I haven't been able to make it pay out yet, so my math might be wrong there. I'll update later.