New mod.
3 years ago
Utah, USA


Everyone welcome our new mod @ZV_Zola! He has worked hard to get here. I have verified some of his runs that have been very impressive. So everyone welcome and congratulate him!

Welcome, @ZV_Zola.

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Flevoland, Netherlands

Thanks :DD This is my first game I recieved mod in :)

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United States

7 mods, but still no mention of why there's no 25 line category or anything.

I don't get it... It hurts nothing to have a separate board. This is ridiculous. You are actively denying competition by denying us a board where there is actual meat on the bone for us to compete for.

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There’s been a large reorganization of the board since this and reducing the number of moderators is one of the things on the list. We’ve made progress on doing so and we can expect a definitive result sooner rather than later.

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