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Hi everbody, i just want to ask if i can get moderator on nuclear throne? I speedrun the game since a long time, and i have time to spend on watching any PB 🙂


seems we were both added as mods! personally i have really awful internet when i am at home between college semesters (i get around .5 down and .3 up on good days, living in rural america is epic) meaning i can't really submit runs until i am back in college in late august. still, i'll be lurking around to verify runs or manage the leaderboards in whatever way (i can deal with watching videos on this internet if they are short, which most runs of this game will be). we seemed to only have like 1 dude verifying runs for a while, so i'm glad to get some more active mods.


Cool 🙂, many people asked me if we can have more speedrun category, like Nuclear Throne Together all area. And a french community named "Ultime Decathlon" played a lot a new category of speedrun named "unlocking all char", i'm gonna submit all their time into this leaderboard