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I look the start of the WR of FadeVanity of Cannonless, and with the timer, he start moving the camera to the rigth after to move to the first level (1-1).
Also the 2nd run of the leaderboard do this, the PB of GreenUtoper.
Look, the WR:

Nobody know why the people move the camera to the rigth after to enter to 1-1? There is any timesaves or something important to the run?
To know if there is a timesave in this movement lol, maybe it helps also in others categories like 100% or All Regular Exits or others lol :v xd. Maybe is also a timesave for my PB of 9-2 any% (WR and the only run lol F)

Ps: Have a nice day! [unfairmultplaye] COOF COOF nothing [true]


First off thats any% no w5 not cannonless. Second off, thats because they are checking for goombaless which is inly useful to check for in cannonless and no w5.

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First off this is Any% no W5, but yeah we do the same thing in Cannonless.

We do that to know the goomba placement before the run to make sure we'll got Goombaless (in other words, not beating the Goomba after 1-4). If the Goomba is top left at the start then it's a guaranteed goombaless because he move clockwise after each level.

But there's some details about this here: https:/​/​pastebin.​com/​Erp4vD6s

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Aaaaa okey, thanks!
And yeah, sorry I know I say cannonless and no W5 a mistake. Sorry!
I am so stupid yes :v xd