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ItzKy got a 51 second run in 5-1 Any% and the leaderboards say it's 31 seconds.

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LMAO a run of individual level of NSMBW is submited, and 4 minutes later, a men post a link saying that the time of this level is wrong.
You are so active dude, and you are there looking all the runs and warning if there is any wrong time.
My respects :V XD.

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And, yeah, is true, the true time of that run is 51,24.
Dont worry, but I dont understand this fail, respecting that the true time of 51 seconds is in the tittle, and in the run look perfectly how is a time of 51 seconds lmao lol. F.
In fine, change to be all correct if is posible yes, would be so nice


@KilleDragonKilleDragon I'm not a freaking machine. Doing mistakes can happen. I'm kinda sick of your recent posts on this forum. So if it's for saying things like that, post nothing. This is my last warning otherwise we (src staff) take action.

Also time is now fixed.

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@R0mainR0main okey okey sorry if I ofended you, I wasnt know was so bad comentary.