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lmao who even cares about any multiplayer?...


Yep. Like why do i care enough about SMW 96 exit co-op that i did a run for that category?

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Quote from Any% multiplayer rules :

"A WR or TWR must include video proof"


we could also say times under 30 minutes require video since only 1 run has a time that good and it has video

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Assuming that this question was asked due to Dominator's and my run that we submitted 5 months ago. We just PB'd today (only by 16 seconds so not under 30 minutes but still a PB) but this time we have video proof.

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Video proof sounds great for top 5. People be hatin on multiplayer any%. So many more possibilities to uncover with multiplayer.

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@Dominator For sure. In our Any% Multiplayer run we were able to skip an entire cycle of the rotating pipe in World 8-Ship because of camera manipulation, which is only possible on multiplayer.

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