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In a really stupid thread that was started about a month ago, someone talked about doing Any% on a new file literally almost the same, just without cutscenes. However, could Any% (NG+ Style) actually work in a way where using items are allowed so that playing more aggresive and taking damage is a legitimate thing to do because you just use an item at the start of every stage?


Any% NG+ is already a meme category.

The difference compare to "Any% without cutscenes just for getting a WR lol" requested by Exciton is in NG+ you just play the 8-Castle.

I'm not a mod but I think NG+ will not be added on the main board except if the category take popularity.

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I know NG+ is a category, my idea was that we play all of the regular Any% levels on a completed file, with the usage of items allowed, so that aggressive play for certain levels that require taking damage isn't a big deal. For instance: taking damage in 5-3 to save time then using a heli at the start of 5-F


First off, if this were ever added it would be a meme category. Second off, it has already been decided. No it will not be added.


My solution would be to make a NG+ No World Select where you can't use the minus button to jump worlds, you must start in 1-1, and all items that you have going in are allowed. Cannons are allowed, but no other method of world jumping. I was actually wanting this to be a category so this format would make sense, maybe as a sub-category for Any% NG+ or a new Category Extensions (Meme category) all together.

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