New Super Mario Bros. Wii Forum  /  4-GH And 7-GH ILs are not possible, should we allow two level entrances to make them possible?

Although leaving the 4-GH 100% and 7-GH 100% IL empty is an okay idea on its own, I think it could be cool to make it possible by allowing two playthoughs of each exit in order to get the three star coins and combining the IGT for both. I would like to hear feedback, and even just leaving them empty is okay as well, I just wanted to see if anybody was interested in bringing life to these ILs.

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yea, actualy having 2 diferent exits can be interesting doing those full ILs getting all the star coins in diferent 2 the secret exits, do 2 games and sum up IGT of both as long as the record shows being both together

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Yea, in fact I've already done that for 4-GH, and I'd love to grind those some more. This is the timing method I went with, and I think it's completely fair as long as no items are equipped between the exit of the first playthrough and entry of the second.

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