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Mic. category, this should be here or the category extension


probably for the category extensions
but ey i wanna see huge switch skip with multiplayer some day


Probably would be a fun category

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what DCA says here is a good point; there's really no point in adding it unless there is a lot of interest.

If you really want to run it and nobody else wants to run it, the mods aren't going to add a board to it. You can always do a run without a leaderboard OR create an unofficial spreadsheet with a list of multplayer runs of other categories.


The thing with Any% Multiplayer is that it doesn't get too much attention from top level players so the runs outside of the two or three best times are pretty unoptimized. Not that that matters, but it means that the average time in that category is probably 15 minutes behind wr. Since cannonless is so much longer and harder to practice, I wouldn't be surprised if the average time for that is ~2.5 hours (or higher).

Also, the strats used in the top any% speedruns keep player 2 in a bubble the entire run, so unless they decide to really grind strats to make it fast, getting someone to sit in a bubble for 2 hours isn't very enticing.

By all means, if you and a friend both really want to do this no one will stop you. But it probably won't get much attention from top level players and overall won't get enough attention to warrant being on the leaderboards.

Thank you for listening to my TED Talk.

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I'll sill run it Friday but be on YT maybe Monday, of course yall make a good point but oh well it's a free world record (at the moment).

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I think for this to even be a category, both or all players need to play at a time and can NOT just sit in a bubble for the entire run, this should be the same for any% multiplier. Otherwise the runs would just be a slower version of cannonless with 2 people on screen

-not at all professional, we were mainly setting the standard, we havent played the game together in almost 7 years so it was a nice welcome back
- Can be improved by several minutes deathless and with true pros
-run starts at around 21:43 (forgot to trim out a few attempts before the run)


I agree but what's hard about making it a rule for any% multi-player is the fact that people on the leaderboard break it and everyone would have to delete their runs besides those who don't use bubbles. Or at least make it a rule where u can do double bubble bombless while not utilizing it. Just make the game play more fun.

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actualy, 100% co-op was alredy a thing in category exestions before lmao, even when cannonless still wasnt
the category didnt get any run in a while and ended dissapearing

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