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Since i have been practising more and learning new strats i have beat my PB 3 times in the space of 24 hours, since all three are not verified yet, do the other 2 get verified before the PB to show obsolete runs or do the mods just approve the best one and delete the others?

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They will probably verify all of them. But be patient, sometimes the verification time is longer than what we think.

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Quote from site rules (rules you should normally read when you register on the site) :

"It is not a requirement for moderators to verify all runs every time they visit the site, we understand people have lives." And plus the site policy about verifying runs is 21 days after the submission date.

Actually I've few personals problems so I don't have that much motivation to verify stuff or even review game requests. So please be patient, Gix or Uvideo will probably be around soon about your submissions.

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Ah okie, thanks for the replies. Also i wish you the best with whatever problems you are currently facing.

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