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I am New to speedrunning and I was wondering if there was a program for the clock that I can download?



How about split Any% into 5-2 and 5-3 paths to compensate for RNG?


Separating any% into 5-2 and 5-3 branches would be a bad idea for a few reasons:
-Not sure what you mean by "compensate for RNG." You always have to fight the piranha after 5-1 unless you die, and if you're dying in 5-1, you should probably just play 5-2 and call it a day.
-There is no difference in the powerup route between 5-2 and 5-3. Really, there are no substantial differences at all except for difficulty and time, both of which are extremely minor here and not worth splitting categories for.
-Difficulty: 5-2 is easier to keep prop through than 5-3 because 5-3 has the annoying and poorly programmed Bramball enemies. However, with a bit of practice, either level is pretty reliably doable.
-There is no hard skip or trick to merit creating a more beginner-friendly category.
-Time: 5-3 saves only a few seconds over 5-2. In fact, the level would be longer but for an additional pipe loading screen in 5-2. It's not like 5-3 is some RNG-fest that saves massive time if you win the lottery or anything similar that would provide incentive to create a category specifically for one level or the other.
-Both levels require exactly the same number of overworld movements to reach and then proceed to 5-F.
-I see from your profile that you've done some work with SM64DS, so let's use that game as an example.
Creating separate categories for any% 5-2 and any% 5-3 would be similar to creating separate categories for SM64DS for different combinations of stars within the same category - it would be unnecessary and tedious. You can beat NSMBW any% playing either 5-2 or 5-3, just like you can beat SM64DS 50 Star with probably any number of different combinations of 50 stars.

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Thanks for your opinion Stache. Auchgard... Yeah that's too much to read. You could just say "There's literally no difference" and be done with it. I understand I'm far lesser knowledged in the subject than either of you, since I've only done two IL runs. But don't rub in my face how dumb the idea was Stache. That's not very pleasant.


How about actually read what Auchgard said and acknowledge you said something dumb? It's the internet, people say dumb shit all the time.


Yes, I did say something dumb. But don't act like I'm the only person on the planet who's said something dumb.


Yes, I've also said plenty of dumb shit in the past but thinking of and suggesting splitting 5-2 and 5-3 for Any% is beyond retarded.