Mitch runs NSMBU and DS and has record on NSMBU any% and all castles lol. I like when people point out things like that even though the person has ran similar games.


Also a one year old thread that's still active? I blame myself for it because i commented on this thread before.

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Wiimote is better imo, tried to use nunchuck, but idk... It didn't feel the best for this game since you don't need precise camera controlling or precise angles


First of all, you dont need to respond to a thread from 2 years ago. Second of all, it's entirely personal preference, neither controller has an advantage over the other.


Yeah, I would recommend not responding to threads that haven't seen activity in a long time. It generally is looked down upon.


I know I don't need to, it's just that I like .-.


i dont argue, but i think that "you dont need to respond it" = "holy f*ck this is too necro dont do it we dont need more notifications this thread is actualy useless" xd