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Hey there,
im starting to speedrun NSMB Wii. I was wondering if there was a tool that gives you unlimited 1ups or unlimited Power Ups.

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For practice? I don’t know if a tool like that exists.

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You can check the world record of 99 lives% on the category extension (link : https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​nsmbwmemes/​run/​m794xley ) in this video, there is a good technique in the level 1-3 but see youself, it's hard to explain this (sorry for my bad english, I am french)

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In the resources tab there's a max% file that you could download, you might need a homebrewed (hacked) Wii though, I don't know enough about it

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@ScimScim I dont know if count like a "tool", but for example, if is to get many lives, use the kopa-troopa trick:
In 2-3, in the final part of the level, there are a stairs that up to the flag, and there is a koopa-troopa in the stair.
Well, the thing is that you can infinite jump into the koopa, so you can get easily 99 lives.
Simply look entire this video lol:

If not, just repeat so much time a Green house lol jajajaja :V XD

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If you are linking him a infinite lives trick, at least link him the 4-C one

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Lol is true how I dont think so jaja XD
I love that trick, more tan get lives, Ilo ve to especificaly grind points jaja XD I think that with 5 more times of grind with 4 controllers I can get the máximum amount of coin with only do that, so cool, nice XD

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If you need a file with max lives and max powerups, id download the max% file in recourses. Probably the quickest and easiest way.

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