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I got a notification that I got rejected by getting a World 6 Individual RTA Any% Run got rejected. I know it requires Video Proof for 1st place, but I didn't submit any run on New Super Mario Bros. Wii since about World No World 5. I was wondering when did this run show up to be verified?

Edit: I just saw the date on April but it never showed up on my pending actions. All I have is that is waiting to be verified are Sonic 06 level runs. No New Super Mario Bros. Wii runs.

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I wanted to message you about this earlier, but I didn't know how to get in contact, so I guess this is ideal.

The reason for this is because the other two runs W6 IW's were not supposed to be on the boards because they didn't complete the airship stage. This issue was only brought up to me and the other mods a few days ago, and so what we decided to do was to remove both of those runs. Because of this, your run was the only run on the boards for W6 IW's, meaning it would be the WR. The problem is, your run didn't have video evidence, and so we can't really verify it because IW WR's need to have video evidence.

I hope this clears up any confusion, and apologies for your run being taken down. We'll make sure your run is back up on the boards once we have a WR with video evidence though, so no need to worry about that. Sorry for the inconvenience once again

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Yes it does. My thought was I deleted this run and you somehow found a way to get to it. XD


Now it was rejected because of R0main saying it was WR before. I get it, but it WASN'T WR because 2 others beat the time, before they were deleted. IF R0Main is reading this, along if other modeators too if they want, please read FadeVanity's comment and please reply.


Oh I didn't remembered that thread. I'll fix that now since Fade said that. My apologies.

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Thanks. It was 8 months ago so It's not that remember-able right now, or before.