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Hey all, as some of you know I recently was able to complete a run of Ninja Gaiden damageless. There has been lots of talk about whether it should be a new category. My first though was due to the immense difficulty in even completing a run, that no one would even want to try. That is not the case many people have reached out and said that they will be attempting the run. Though my run was not aimed at speed this run could be optimized to be very fast. Also because it allows no damage boosts the routing will be unique to any other category. I also believe that the run would be well received by none speed runners and may help the growth of Ninja Gaiden speedruns. Please let me know what you all think?

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I say yes, or at least a category extension.

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I say yes, was an amazing run and would like to see others attempt it as well.

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It should certainly be documented for future ninjas to see.

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By popular demand I've added the category "Damageless" to the leaderboard for NG1. It's under misc

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