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Hey all! I'd like to remind runners that use of overlay tools that cover the game screen like streamlabs, triggerfyre, and mixitup are generally a bad idea for submitting speedruns. Mods need to be able to see the game in its entirety without obfuscation of gameplay. This includes a whole slew of things like follower/raid/host alerts, sub/bit/donation alerts, chat commands, channel point redemptions, all that good stuff. If it covers the game, it's a no-no, and could result in your speedrun submission being declined. Please consider this when submitting your run. GL and HF!

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Oh yeah I should check my setup I might be guilty of that. I sometimes forget those alerts because I usually don't get raids and subs 😮

Thanks for the reminder

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Appreciate the reminder on this. I tend throw all kinds of stuff on the screen for chat to engage with. However, I made adjustments to my alerts and redemptions so they no longer interfere with game or timer.

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