What are the rules?

Hello there, i'm new here and i have a question regarding the rules. I don't see the rules for a run in the game, so since i'm new here, and since i want to try to complete a run of the game in the future, i want to know where can i find the rules for speedrunning the game?

Thanks, in advance.

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I'll talk to JessicaSix and we'll make some.


Thank you for the reply! I'm right now just practising the game, and i'm looking into all the other important stuff (Splits, streaming software, etc.)

Have a good day!

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Yeah, segmented run would be probably better, otherwise you'll be very frustrated with police RNG. Just make sure it can be verified, because for example I've just recently discovered that Underground 2 cannot be done segmented, because everytime you quit the game or just switch to another profile, the events respawn in different locations.

JessicaSix: You should probably write the rules on the page and SPECIFY at which point the timer should start/end, what you can do and what can't, etc. I would do it myself, but I haven't played the game in 10 years.


Tried to stream the game properly, but my computer is too shit BibleThump

Maybe in the future i'll stream, but for now i'll just practice. But thanks for all the help!

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You don't have to use streaming software in order to record your run. Fraps is fine.


I like these simplified NG rules Kappa ^^ Way easier to understand now.

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Ps2 e PC são tudo juntos ?

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Sim, as regras se aplicam a todas as plataformas. (If something's wrong, blame Google Translate. However, in english again IF something was wrong - yea, rules are all the same for every platform.)

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