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SRC Series: Poppy Playtime Duo Speedrun Challenge

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Join us for our next SRC Series challenge: Poppy Playtime!

SRC Series: Poppy Playtime Duo Speedrun Challenge
Published 1 month ago

Attention horror fans and speedrunners of all kinds!

We're excited for our next challenge as part of our SRC Series! If you don’t know, the SRC Series is a lineup of challenges we're rolling out on a semi-regular basis, funded entirely by SRC Series challenges are designed to be fun and engaging, with a focus on community involvement. The prize bounties are smaller compared to sponsored challenges, providing a break from the stress of high-stakes competition! We hope SRC Series challenges will continue to bring speedrunners together from all kinds of communities to discover new games and meet new people.

For our next challenge, we've selected Poppy Playtime! If you're unfamiliar, Poppy Playtime is a Puzzle Horror currently in development (with 3 chapters available) by Mob Entertainment.

Here’s everything you’ll want to know heading into the challenge:

Starting Date: April 14th, 2024

Duration: 10 days, until 11:59PM UTC April 24th, 2024

Prize Distribution:

The $500 prize pool will be distributed among the top performers for fastest completion time in the Any% category. The distribution is as follows:

1st place - $250

2nd place - $150

3rd place - $100

Participation Prizes:

We are bringing back participation prizes for the second challenge in a row!

First of all, any runner who submits any runs to the Poppy Playtime challenge will receive one month of SRC Supporter, if you haven’t heard of Supporter before you may learn more about it here!

Secondly, any challenge participants will be awarded with the title PLAYTOY. If you’re unfamiliar with Titles, they are a unique descriptor that goes alongside your username on your profile (as well as profile popovers) which can (as of right now) only be acquired by participating in Challenges right here on SRC. To find out more, check out our last article about Titles!


Open to players aged 18 and above worldwide, with the following exceptions: North Korea, Syria, Sudan, Cuba, Iran, Somalia, and Venezuela.

If you are under the age of 18, not to worry! You can still participate and win the participation prizes, but unfortunately you will not be eligible for the cash prizes amongst the top 3.


(Updated post-launch of the challenge)

The category of choice for this Challenge will involve running Any% of both Poppy Playtime Chapter 1 & Chapter 2 on the current patch of the game!

To learn more, please check out our Challenge Rules :)


Record your speedrun and submit it via our Challenge leaderboard here on

Follow the guidelines provided for video formatting and submission requirements, found in the rules section. Please note that we require that prize-eligible runs (top 3) must have been live-streamed for this challenge.

Rules and Regulations:

All speedruns must adhere to the official rules, available on the Challenge leaderboard.

Contest Rules:

Category Rules:

Preparation Suggestions

To find tips & tricks for the speedrun, visit the Poppy Playtime leaderboard right here on Follow either the game or the challenge to receive notifications about challenge activity! You can also join the Poppy Playtime Discord server to keep up with the community!

Good luck, and have fun!️

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