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Lady Arcaders Kick Off 50 Hour Raid Train

Celebrating 2-year community anniversary with 26 streamers taking on randomizers, PB attempts, cosplay crafting, & more.

Lady Arcaders Kick Off 50 Hour Raid Train
Published 2 months ago

The Event

Founded two years ago by Metroid Crime, Lady Arcaders are celebrating the community’s 2 year anniversary with an absolutely leviathan fifty-hour event! The Raid Train departs the station Tuesday the 13th at 10pm EST, traveling nonstop & through the night all the way to Thursday the 15th, ending on the Lady Arcaders Twitch channel with a speedrun of Stardew Valley by Pr1nc3ssShortcake.

Some highlights of the full schedule include:

EikoTheBlue, lead developer of the Ori And The Blind Forest randomizer, will be speedrunning her own creation. We’ll see ceaselessly take on Pokémon Crystal with a sole Diglett, and more randomized speedruns with Demerine running Dragon Warrior Chaos, and BunniestBunRena in randomized Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.

We’ll also be seeing several PB attempts, with FawkesRocks running Sonic CD, and Quacksilver on GRIME. And did you know the PAL version of Luigi’s Mansion is mirrored and more challenging? Elite_Spud will be going for a PB, then (time allowing) they’ll show off some blindfolded gameplay.

Here’s a sampler platter of clips, to see the Lady Arcader vibe ahead of the big show:

About Lady Arcaders

Lady Arcaders is an all-women’s gaming collective, founded to showcase women’s passion and skills. Getting involved in the speedrunning and general gaming/speedrunning spaces can be very daunting, so the group can serve as a springboard in and a space to form friendships and build community.

Attract Mode! (The exclamation is important!) is Lady Arcader’s flagship show, running twice a week on Twitch to showcase game-related content by women creators. If you’re interested in participating, applications are open year-round.

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