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ASM2024 Submissions are NOW OPEN!

Game submissions for the Australian Speedrunning Marathon 2024 are now open until April 28th 2024.

ASM2024 Submissions are NOW OPEN!
Published 22 days ago

The Australian Speedrunning Marathon is back for its 10th consecutive year! Once again hosted at the Adelaide Rockford in Adelaide, South Australia, the marathon will be running non-stop for 6 whole days from July 16th - 21st to bring you over 120 hours of speedrunning content while raising money for Game On Cancer!

Submissions are now open and will remain open until April 28th 2024. You can submit your games at

Please make sure you are familiar with our policies and have a read through our submission guidelines prior to submitting. They can be found here:

We look forward to seeing you all there!

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