Myst - Tips for All Platforms
Myst - Tips for All Platforms
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This guide will compile all of our current knowledge on running Myst on every platform other than PC/Mac.

If you're new to Myst it's probably a good idea to start by watching the PC/Mac guides, as the majority of the other platforms will use the same routes and practising with the instantaneous transitions of the PC version will be double-practice for running on the much slower console ports.

PC/Mac SVM-Free This is the leaderboard for runs performed while running the game in any version of ScummVM other than the one distributed on Steam/GOG. This is identical to the PC/Mac run - the only difference in more recent versions of ScummVM are quality-of-life improvements that don't affect the run.

iOS This is called ‘Myst (Legacy)’ on the App Store - the other version is RealMyst. You can turn transitions up to ‘Zip’ level on the Options screen to make them near-instantaneous, but the name is a misnomer as this version actually has no Zip Mode like other versions have. The one quirk of this version is the ability to interrupt cutscenes by ‘minimising’ the app down to the iOS screen showing currently running apps and then reopening it. This either restarts the cutscene or skips it, depending on the cutscene. In Any%, the only cutscene we can skip with this is the rising of the gear bridge at the clock tower, so the timesave is minimal. Other than that, the Any% route is the same as on PC.

DS The Any% route is identical to PC/Mac. There are three versions - US Empire, US Storm City and EU Midway. The Midway version has more visual bugs and is preferred for TASing, but we aren’t aware of any best version for running generally. All Pages has an additional advantage on DS - after travelling through an Age once, all zip nodes become active even if not previously travelled to.

PS The PAL version is considered the fastest for PS1, since the NTSC versions can have much longer loading screens in some places for unknown reasons. Like a lot of PS1 speedruns, it’s best to run the game on a PS2 with Fast Disc Speed enabled. The PlayStation Mouse is supported and should be used for competitive times. Zip Mode can be activated before the run which, unlike other platforms, will activate all zip locations on the map from the beginning. The PS Any% route with unrestricted zipping has been compiled in images by Spikestuff here: Also, disabling Environment Sounds in the options menu will make some loads faster, especially when changing environments/ages.

PSP We aren’t aware of a fastest version or fastest hardware, but anything is better than loading from the UMD, so loading a backup from a memory card on the PSP, or using the downloadable version on PSP or Vita, is preferred. The Japanese version is a common choice to run on for quality-of-life, since it's the only version that has an in-game Quit button for fast resetting. For Any% this is identical to PC/Mac, but the cursor has to be moved with the d-pad or control stick, so it asks for a different kind of precision.

JaguarCD Getting hold of one of these is likely to be far more difficult than running the game. We’re not sure if there are any speed differences between NTSC and PAL, but all Jaguars can play games from any region. The Jaguar can support a mouse via an adapter, but Myst does not support it. The Any% run is the same as PC, but with no Zip Mode. Disabling Environment Sounds in the options menu will make some loads faster, especially when changing environments/ages.

Saturn Either NTSC version will be fastest, but the Japanese version does not have one or two minutes of unskippable credits after every reset, so that version is nicer to run on if you can use it. The Japan-exclusive Shuttle Mouse is supported and recommended for reaching competitive times. The Any% route is the same as PC, but with no Zip Mode.

3DO I have seen one website claim that the Japanese Sanyo 3DO might have faster CD loading speeds, but it’s not confirmed whether this is true or whether it affects Myst. We don’t know which region is fastest, but all 3DO consoles can play games from any region. The FZ-JM1 mouse is supported and recommended. The Any% run is like Saturn and Jaguar - the same route as PC/Mac, but with no Zip Mode.

CD-i The CD-i Mouse is supported. We're not aware of any regional differences other than 60Hz/50Hz. Some online sources state that the speedrunner's choice of CD-i should be the 370 model for its speed, but it is quite rare and expensive. The 490 and 740 are also stated as having more power than others, while most other models perform the same. The Any% run is identical to PC/Mac, with the exception of having fewer zip nodes available - the two zip nodes used to get back from the white page to the library are not present.

Amiga Again, getting hold of the hardware is probably more difficult than the run here. A minimum of a 68030 CPU is required which means an Amiga 3000 or 4000, with a possible fast RAM upgrade also required to those. An Amiga 1200 would also be supported with an accelerator like a TerribleFire. A CD drive and mouse would then also need to be acquired. The Any% run is identical to PC/Mac, but to date, a Myst run on real Amiga hardware has never been submitted due to its rarity.

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