Original MYST Any% Run Guide (Good Ending)
Original MYST Any% Run Guide (Good Ending)
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Anybody who has played MYST before knows that it's a hard and confusing game. Most of its difficulty comes from its unique puzzles that almost seem impossible. While HLTB has identified the total playtime as 7 hours long on average but you can achieve the good ending of the game in less than a minute. The funny thing is, you don't need to exploit any glitches to do this. What you need to know is that a lot of the puzzles in MYST will just lead you to the next puzzle. If you already know the end results of the puzzles, the run becomes very easy.

So lets assume that you're entirely new to the game. To speed run this game as quickly as possible, you need to complete a series of tasks.

  1. Skip the intro and click on the screen in the book
  2. Turn on all the marker switches on the island.
  3. Turn off the marker switch on the dock to obtain a paper.
  4. Go into the fireplace in the library and enter the following pattern
  5. Click the button in the fireplace to submit the pattern
  6. Click on the screen in the green book
  7. Go up to the man and give him the page from before when he asks for it

Now here's a guide for how to beat the game as quickly as possible.

  1. The time starts right when you click "new game"
  2. Click to skip the intro and then click on the screen in the book
  3. Wait a few seconds before you can put in further inputs
  4. Once you spawn on myst, click 2 times to go further
  5. Click on the right side of the screen and then 2 more times to get up to the gear
  6. Activate the marker switch to the left of the gear and turn around
  7. click to go forward 7 times
  8. click on the right side of the screen and activate the marker and turn around
  9. put your mouse between the right side and the middle of the screen
  10. click 7 times, make sure you don't go into the library
  11. activate the marker switch by the rocket and turn around
  12. place you mouse in the same position as in step 9 but just a bit further to the right
  13. Click 6 times and activate the marker switch next to the fountain thing (don't look into the fountain thing)
  14. Click 3 times forward and then turn right and activate the marker switch
  15. Turn around and place your mouse to the middle-left and click twice
  16. Activate the cabin marker switch and turn around to the right and put your mouse to the bottom of the screen
  17. Click 4 times and make sure you're facing the clock controls
  18. Click on the big valve 8 times and the small valve 2 times
  19. click on the button to submit this and wait a few seconds for a cut scene to end
  20. put your mouse to the top of the screen and click 3 times and then activate the marker switch
  21. turn around and click to go forward 11 times (don't look into the fountain or go into the library)
  22. turn to the right and click 4 times and then turn left
  23. Go forward and turn right
  24. Go forward and turn left again
  25. Activate and then deactivate the marker switch and take the paper
  26. Click to go forward 8 times and then turn to the right
  27. Go forward twice and turn to the right
  28. Click on the fireplace twice and then the button inside
  29. Put in the pattern from before (to speed run this game, you're gonna have to always remember the pattern)
  30. Submit the pattern by clicking the button again
  31. wait for the door to open after a small cut scene
  32. Open the green book and click on the screen inside the book
  33. You'll teleport to a different area
  34. Turn to the left and click twice towards the guy
  35. Turn away and the turn back to the guy
  36. The time ends when you give the guy the page

This game relies on you to be very accurate with your mouse movements. Feedback would be cool.

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