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realMyst - channelwood elevator clip

unfortunately, the exit room doesn't load unless you take the elevator there. so this clip just lets you skip the elevator ride back down. also, it can only be used on the second page, because once you do the clip, you can't get back up to the top level (elevator is stuck up there).

Ohio, USA

Woah! Crazy strategy! It's unfortunate we can't use it to skip water management. Also unfortunately, it might be slower due to dumb gravity stuff. What if you used this clip on the second floor? It skips the stairs and lets you go as the crow flies to the needed valve. Would gravity be an issue there?

i'm pretty sure it's still faster on the top floor. the gravity is slow, but i'm pretty sure it's still faster than taking the elevator due to the animations of getting in the elevator and pulling the switch and stuff. it actually only takes about 14 seconds to fall to ground level from the top level, which i'm pretty sure is faster than taking the elevator down and going all the way down the stairs. (i haven't timed this though, so i could be wrong)

EDIT: just tested it, it took me about 24 seconds to go down the elevator, down the stairs, and over to the valve. it's possible my movement wasn't perfect and could have been improved, but i dont see it being improved by ten whole seconds.

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