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RMME timing
Arizona, USA

Two things I think need to be addressed, especially for the any% category: the inclusion of loads, and the timing standards (which Gelly brought up originally)

In my opinion, RMME should be timed from the moment the player gains control on the docks, to the moment the white page appears in Atrus' hand. Both of these moments can be selected frame-perfectly.

Furthermore, any frame in which a load bar is visible should be untimed. Livesplit might be able to do this automatically.

Neither of these seem very difficult to implement, even retroactively. Opinions?

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Ohio, USA

i recommend that until we have a livesplit load remover that we can just manually run through the runs frame by frame and determine the loading times and cut them out, especially for any% where it's just one load. it shouldn't be too hard to find the proper pointers that indicate that the game is loading, because i think i found them two years ago but didn't know how to use them properly.

as for timing standards, both are a pretty easy start and stop point to find in frames, and again, manual timings can be used until a livesplit start/end splitter could be implemented which, again, shouldn't be too hard to find because they're distinct moments (the pointer for horizontal velocity should be an easy find and a cutscene boolean is around there somewhere).

i agree with both points though, yeah.

Arizona, USA

from the rules popup, it looks like that's actually already the standards for start/end of timing, so the only real issue is the inclusion of load times.

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