Evolution of MSC's leaderboard on Speedrun.com
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Evolution of MSC's leaderboard on Speedrun.com
Bretagne, France

Hi guys,

After looking after Tyriounet's WR done a year ago, I realized it wasn't the same version of the game that we currently have. for example, it seems that now, without proper tires, the car can't pass the inspection. Plus, there's several categories we could add to improve the game's interest. Here are a few examples :

  • Deathless
  • Allowing death
  • old game's version

And some subcategories :

  • Pass the inspection => Already done but can be divided with : => Any% => Driving Car
  • Full Assembly (Also done)
  • Win the Rally
  • Full Assembly and Car Inspection

These are only few ideas for the game, but at least a few of those categories and sub categories need to be added. What do you think about that? Do you think it could be interesting enough for players?

Also, I talked with Tyriounet about becoming part of the moderators. If you wish, I would like to become part of the moderation process so I could add those elements I was talking about.

About myself, I'm a 26 year old man whose playing for about 6 months in the speedrun universe. I'm quite active on Speedrun.com and I wish to become an active player and be par of the speedrun community.


Hello. Glad to see there's some interest in this game. If the old any% route is no longer possible, it definitely needs to be moved into an "old version" category. I will look into this, see if the route is still possible.

Death or Deathless seems irrelevant to me. If you wanna go fast you won't wanna die anyway. I'm afraid I also don't see a reason for "driving car". Full Assembly covers that. You also need to pass the inspection for the full assembly (the plates are considered part of the car). We thought about the two currently existing categories quite hard with Shrimp (especially Full Assembly) and what they would entail, to make sure there would be a distinct any% and what would be close to a 100% category.

Win the rally seems reasonable. I think someone else also asked for it. I don't see an issue with that one, if the run is interesting.

More "random" categories is not necessarily better, if their parameters are overlapping with other categories or if they're just not that interesting. As a general rule of thumb, I personally consider that the less categories that a game has, the better. Those leaderboards with 15 categories and 13 of which are empty disgust me, and I certainly won't have it happen for a game that I'm mod.

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Bretagne, France

I agree with you. Indeed, I didn't remember the rules for Full Assembly. Sorry about that. A near 100% category would be with the rally, in my opinion. For the Driving car, I'm also OK. Full assembly is way enough.

If I take back what I was saying, The "New" Pass the inspection could be Deathless or not, because you have to drive your car to Fleetari's shop, and then wait for a day to get new tires on the car. A death warp to lead you to your house and then to your bed could make you gain some time, that's why I had this idea. Plus, There's a permanent death mode in the game, so, if people play with this mode, and some without, we could need two separate categories.

What do you think? You may want to check first if the old route is still possible or not, which I understand. But in all cases the any% is no more feasable because of the new rule of the game : "Old tires are rejected in Car inspection".

Thanks for your reply. I don't want you to add 15 categories, don't be afraid :). I just thought a little update of the game's leaderboard would be great. And plus, there's some interesting parts of the game that could be revelant to use in a speedrun, like the rally.

Thanks you by advance for your reply.


Alright. I'll check the "old" route.

For the death/deathless, I think it goes back to the same argument of "what is faster?". I mentioned that you don't wanna die if you want to go fast, but if dying is faster, then so be it. Wanting to play hardcore just because you want to play hardcore is a bad reason. This is a speedrun. Unless I'm missing something?

How long would it take to win the rally, out of curiosity?


When we could still use garage tires to pass inspection and rally was only 1stage my rally race speedrun took 4h 15min (not winning the rally).

  • Getting new road tires on the garage rims is extra 1day in game(maybe 30-60min real time)

  • Rally on sat+sun (2 stages) is 1day more too(maybe 30-60min real time).

  • With a Monday start u might not have enough time to do everything by the 1st saturday, and if u miss 1st rally opportunity then passing 1week in game takes like 50-70min real time.

So if there's no way to be ready for the 1st Saturday (with Monday start) then whole Rally Race speedrun (not even winning it) could take minimum of like 6 hours (maybe from 5h 30min to 6h 30min, but idk for sure it could take even longer like 7-8h).

And to win rally event might require multiple attempts on both stages. Car without any tuning parts is quite slow and u don't have time to do extra works for dual carbs etc if u want to make it by the 1st Saturday(if that's even possible). To win rally u need to do stages in under 5min 25s to win fastest AI.

And then that game might still have glitched weekdays where u can just lose 1day(character slept like over 24hours) or when weekday doesn't change(this could be useful though to make it by the 1st Saturday)

And when wiring-update comes building the car will take longer time even when u know what's your doing(idk how much longer but u need to install over 20 of them)

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Alright, made you two guys new mods as you seem to be more aware of what's going on in the game than I am at this point. I haven't really gone back to it myself since last ESA.

So yeah, make new categories and change old ones as you see fit. Don't delete any runs however, put them in a "legacy runs" subcategory or something if need be.


This game got new official update today. I might try speedrun this soon(Rally race speedrun) after I've learned how to do wiring, distributor tuning etc on the car.

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