2 months ago

I had an idea. How about if you try to get the Satsuma to start as fast as you can? This means no work on suspension except for the sub frame to actually put the engine in and no work on the brake and clutch as the sole purpose would be to just get the Satsuma to start as fast as possible. This means all you would have to do is mainly the engine, fuel system and the wiring. This means that even if something is messed up with the engine as long as it has started then it counts. It's just a simple challenge I thought would be fun to try.


You still need to get at least sparkplugs from shop somehow, so it is not much different from DTFI, no?

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Sounds good only if admins gives us save file with stuff ready in the garage like spark plugs :)

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That's just diet DTFI, which is already not that hard and long.


not that hard and long * laughs in cousins rng*