please delete the bounty thread (and this one)
1 year ago
Georgia, USA
He/Him, They/Them
1 year ago

Nah I don't think it was stupid

In my mind the bounty was not to incentivize people to do it. To me it was more of a bonus to anyone willing to do it. I guess calling it a bounty was not the smartest thing, but anyone that puts the work into the run only for the $100 is approaching it wrong. They should be putting the work in because its a goal they want to work for, the $100 to me was just putting more eyes on it and maybe just an added thing for those who want to do it. If at this point it is a financial thing, dw about it. I don't think many people would be upset if you weren't able to withhold a bounty from over 2 years ago. That's just my take on everything though

Lower Saxony, Germany

it turned into more than just talk about the bounty so only locking it, as I will do to this, benny already said everything that can be said

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